Mount Your Oil Radiator on the Wall for a More Permanent Solution

Mounting your oil heater on the wall can free up space in your home.

It has been determined that oil filled radiators can be quite energy efficient as they work by heating up the oil in the sealed radiator. The oil heats up and the heat is then dispersed into the room in which the radiator is stationed. Whilst oil filled heaters are very convenient and cost effective, they often come in a more portable format that allows them to be moved from room to room as needed. However you may be surprised to learn that they can also be mounted on the wall for a more permanent solution that conveniently negates any safety concerns, due to the secure nature of the fixing, and frees up your home or workspace from clutter.

Out of The Way

A definite plus is that you can get the wall mounted oil filled radiators up off the floor which will give you more space and they are much safer up and out of the way. As they are easy to mount they can be mounted to just about any wall, providing the wall itself is not too flimsy (is there such a thing as a flimsy wall? Probably, cowboy builders and all that!).

Common heaters are obstructive especially the traditional electric heaters that have exposed elements that heat up and turn red to release heat. The sad fact is that more children have been burned by those types of heaters than any other.

Of course the other electric type heaters may not be mounted to a wall because they burn too hot and can easily catch fire if they come in contact with ANYTHING flammable including the wall. This fact of course makes the oil filled radiators a better choice due to their radiant heat design.

The space factor is a big one as anyone that has ever used any kind of space heater can tell you that they can be a big hassle to get move around everyday and not to mention they always seem to be in the way, they can also be dangerous if due care and attention isn’t taken around them. You can easily trip over them and knock them down which can cause a fire.

Easy to Mount

These radiators are easily mounted and come with various brackets that will allow you to attach them to the wall itself. All you need are some basic DIY tools and maybe a second set of hands to help you steady the unit and mark out your mounting positions. Overall it is very easy to mount and of course they usually come with easy to understand instructions. The manufacturer will supply you with specific directions on what you need to do to safely mount your unit. The process is easy and will take you no more than thirty minutes to accomplish depending on your level of DIY competence.

Different Sizes

The wall mounted units come in different sizes and you can buy a smaller size for a small room that will take up less wall space. The size you buy will largely depend on the space you are trying to heat and an obvious rule of thumb is that the larger the space you are trying heat the larger the unit will be.

Of course the larger the unit the more expensive it will be, so you should choose the smallest unit to do the job. You do not have to buy a larger unit than you should and doing so will not only waste money upfront but also on your monthly energy bill. The smallest unit to get the job done is fine. A unit that is too large will not save you any money!


A wall mounted oil radiator is not much more expensive than a standard oil filled radiator. You pay a little more for convenience and the ability to not have to give up floor space although a bit more expensive they are not cost prohibitive and the difference is generally a matter of a few quid at most. So they are certainly affordable and they are well worth the investment. You will be able to save your money on the cost of running the unit compared to other like units.

Where to Buy?

You can buy these models of oil filled radiator heaters in many hardware supply stores and discount stores usually as then you can get a good idea how it looks visually, though it has to be said that the best prices available will tend to come online. There are plenty of places that you can find these units.

A little comparison shopping will go a long way in the money-saving department. The prices can vary greatly so you absolutely want to comparison shop for the best price. Comparing units and their options along with the cost of the unit will pay off nicely in the long-term.