Lower Your Energy Bill with Oil Radiators

Lowering your energy bills is something everyone should strive to do

With the economy still on the downside and winter setting in around the northern hemisphere, many families are concerned with finding the best way to keep their home warm while keeping their energy bills low. Nobody wants their children to have to sleep in a cold room, or to have to work in a freezing office for a boss who likes to keep things economical. But electricity can be expensive, and heaters can use a lot of electricity. Some are wondering if the best thing to do is to go back to the wood burning furnaces of their parents and grandparents day, but this option is messy and wood furnaces may be hard to find.

Space heaters are often a good choice and they transfer heat energy to a room by using multiple heating plates. The use of several plates brings maximum surface area to make the heat transfer most efficient. The electric heaters that follow this model run electricity through each of the panels to keep them at a consistently high heat however this is not very efficient and takes a large amount of electricity which consequently brings expensive energy bills.

  • Efficient heat retention from the Oil
  • Low running costs
  • Quiet and Safe

The oil filled radiator heater, however, uses a cycle of oil to keep the plates heated. Oil is pumped through the heating plates in a continuous cycle, keeping them warm and providing constant heat to the room. This heats a room more efficiently and consistently than electric heaters even thought the actual temperature of the heater is much lower. As the oil circulates, it is kept warm either by an electric heating coil.

Oil by nature retains heat for a long time. This is what makes it so useful in cars and in cooking; it takes time to heat up, and then takes a long time to lose its heat. This makes it a constant and reliable source for all kinds of applications. It also means that significantly less energy is needed to run an oil radiator than to run other alternatives. Once the oil is hot, not much energy is needed to sustain the heat and the radiator continues to run with high-efficiency. This will prove very useful in lowering anyones monthly energy bill.

Another price advantage of oil radiators is that they can reuse oil and do not need refilled or replaced. Oil from other applications can be used to fill the radiator, making recycling possible. And since no oil is consumed in the process, the user will not have to worry about the hassle or cost of refilling the heater.

But the energy efficiency is not the only benefit of oil heaters. They are much safer than the electric and gas options for they do not become as hot as electric heaters, and thereby do not present such a fire hazard thanks to their sealed designs. This makes them much safer for young children and animals that may get too close or place something on top of the heater.

They also continue heating after they are turned off, while electric heaters lose their heat right away an oil heater will take time to dissipate all of the heat from its oil. Not to mention that gas heaters deplete the oxygen in the room that they are located in as well as emit fumes, and so they cannot be used for small spaces safely.

Oil radiators are more convenient that fan heaters because of their lack of noise, as well as their higher energy efficiency. Airflow is not as big a factor in heat distribution with an oil heater and so it can be used in crowded spaces much more efficiently. They are also better for those with asthma than fan heaters; they do not blow dust and allergens around a room and hence often provide a more comfortable experience for the user.

If you are concerned about both keeping your home or office warm this winter while saving money on energy costs. Consider the option of an oil radiator. Not only are they safer for the family and home, but they also use much less energy in the heating process. The heating device does not have to be constantly on for the heater to be running, there is no noise involved in its heating, no emissions decrease the air quality in the effected room, and small rooms will be heated more evenly and consistently than with other options. The oil also never needs refilled. Whatever your heating need, an oil heater will get the job done efficiently.