The impatch of oil heaters and the environment

The Positive Impact of Oil Heaters on the Environment

It’s that time of year again when winter draws in and and the temperature starts dropping around the country, many people’s thoughts are turning to heating options. Depending on the part of the country that you live in, you may be concerned about keeping yourself and your family warm this season. Perhaps your house is […]

A mini oil filled radiator warming the home

Is A Mini Oil Filled Radiator The Way To Go?

When the cold winter months settle in, and it’s going to be a long time before spring comes around, you’re going to start looking around for ways to keep your home warm throughout that chilly time of the year. You don’t want to spend those cold winter months freezing, piling on the sweaters, but on […]

Can an oil heater really help you cut the costs?

Comparing Oil Heater Running Costs

In the autumn, heaters are a luxury that can turn a room into a toasty enclave. In the winter months, however, a good heater is an absolute necessity that can make the difference between a good morning and waking up an icicle. These days, radiators are becoming relatively uncommon methods of heating as central heating […]

Lowering your energy bills is something everyone should strive to do

Lower Your Energy Bill with Oil Radiators

With the economy still on the downside and winter setting in around the northern hemisphere, many families are concerned with finding the best way to keep their home warm while keeping their energy bills low. Nobody wants their children to have to sleep in a cold room, or to have to work in a freezing […]

Simple heat calculator helps you make an informed decision

How To Calculate How Much Heat You Need Per Room

One of the more difficult decisions can be in what size of oil heater to use for a given room in the house, well there are calculations you can use to determine this, however i recently came across this great little tool that lets you fill in various items of information about your room such […]

A range of different oils.

What Kinds of Oil Are Used in Radiators?

Radiators are a necessary part of life just about anywhere that gets even reasonably cold. And, just as any tool should be understood by those using it, it’s pretty important to know what’s going in to your radiator before you actually start it up. Why is pretty obvious: Heating an entire home requires a lot […]

Mounting your oil heater on the wall can free up space in your home.

Mount Your Oil Radiator on the Wall for a More Permanent Solution

It has been determined that oil filled radiators can be quite energy efficient as they work by heating up the oil in the sealed radiator. The oil heats up and the heat is then dispersed into the room in which the radiator is stationed. Whilst oil filled heaters are very convenient and cost effective, they […]