DeLonghi Rapido G011230RTW Radiator Review

The DeLonghi Rapido Oil Radiator

If you’ve been searching for the best of the best in heating solutions, you’ve probably found a million and one different products out there that promise the earth. And while there are a lot of top of the line products out there, in my opinion none can hold a candle to the Rapido oil filled radiator that I just picked up not too long ago.

I was in the market for something that would give me the ability to almost instantly heat up a multitude of different spaces – I have a central heating system that I rely on most of the time, but there are places in this home that need to have some supplementary technology helping me to keep them warm. I’ve been looking for something that was not only powerful enough to heat any room size almost instantly but also was cost effective and simple to run – and as you can imagine, that search was anything but quick.

I tried multiple different products and a ton of different solutions before a friend turned me on to the Rapido – and I’ve never looked back. Easily one of the most powerful heating technologies that we have access to (not to mention amazingly portable), the Rapido is one of the smartest choices a homeowner or businessman can make.

The most important thing about the Rapido is whether or not it pumps out the mission critical amount of heat you’re looking for – and unless you’re trying to mimic the output of the sun, you’ve got your hands on a winner

While it may come as no surprise, the most important thing to consider when looking for a new heating source is obviously the heat it pushes out – and this is an area that the Rapido comes up as top of the industry. Pumping out heat is no problem for this machine at any level, and thanks to some smart technological advantages you’ll never have to worry about this specific product being able to produce high quality and consistent heat. This is the kind of machine that you’ll feel one hundred percent comfortable with as a primary or secondary source of heating, and something you will come to rely on for years to come.

The custom controls of the rapidoControlled by some of the smartest electronics ever installed on a radiator solution, this is as close to a set it and forget it solution as you’ll find when it comes to heating your home or space

Whether you’re talking about the smart 24 hour thermostat and timer that comes built in, the anti-frost protection, or the convection capabilities of the Rapido, you’ll always be leveraging some of the smartest technological advances ever brought to the industry when you use this device to heat your home. Designed form the ground up to take advantage of the latest and greatest tools and technologies, you’ll never have to worry about being nice and toasty when you turn on the Rapido.

The Rapido doesn’t just rely on passive heating of the oil inside of it to heat your spaces – it uses the latest and greatest in convection heating to make sure that you’ll always be as comfortable as possible as quickly as possible

The major advantage of using the Rapido over other solutions would be that not only do you get to tap into one of the most stable and reliable traditional forms of heating a home, but you also get to take advantage of some amazing breakthroughs in heating technology. And while this particular model uses some amazing electronics to get the job done, things really begin to take off when you consider the amazing convection heating system that you are relying on when you choose the Rapido. Not only do you get to unlock the power of latent radiant heat when you choose to use the Rapido, but there is also a powerful (yet close to silent) convection system that will move the hot air around the space to make sure everything is heated evenly. This is the kind of breakthrough that you’ve been looking for, and if you are seriously concerned about energy efficiency or the power of heating on the cheap, you need to focus on what the Rapido can do for you with the convection system.

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4.5 / 5 stars